U.S. Small Businesses Hiring Plans Climb to Pre-Pandemic Level

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Since February, most U.S. small businesses have been increasing their employment rates. Hiring conditions haven’t improved yet, and COVID-19 is still making the uncertainty even greater. To know how to hire more employees and discover an exceptional merchant service provider, let’s go through the lines below.

Unemployment Caused by COVID-19

The economic situation in California has been hurt by COVID-19 severely. The administration’s orders forced so many businesses shut their doors for months to prevent the disease from spreading.

In April, 2.4 million jobs were closed in California. This is more than the number of jobs closed during the Great Recession 10 years ago. Later, almost 1/3 of those jobs were opened. However, still the state’s unemployment rate accounts for 13.3%. This number is higher as compared to the one registered during the Great Recession.

The recent survey in the field shows some improvement in the labor market where the …

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